International eco-fashion designer, John Ablaza, who is known for his use of sustainable local materials in his designs is bringing his Couture & Culture Fashion show to The United States for the very first time.

John Ablaza is a Manila based designer with a cause whose awe-inspiring collections have already graced the runways of Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Bahrain, Sydney and Toronto.

one Night only!

Phoenix Art Museum




We are thrilled to announce that international fashion designer from the Philippines, John Ablaza, is coming to Arizona May 30 at the Phoenix Art Museum, 1625 North Central Avenue where he’ll be staging his Couture & Culture Charity Fashion Show. Doors open at 6 p.m. for cocktails, auction, photo opportunities and the Rizal Traveling Museum. The VIP Reception for VIP ticket holders is 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. Show starts 8 p.m. Charities benefitting are the Miss Arizona Scholarship Pageant Foundation and The 3000 Club.

Mercedes-Benz of Scottsdale will be displaying some of their most luxurious models– perfect for photo opportunities. Urban Electra will be performing during the VIP reception. This red carpet event will include a silent auction for an original John Ablaza design, and meet & greet with Miss Arizona contestants. Explore the Iberian culture of the legendary hero, José Rizal. John will be showcasing replicas of José Rizal’s clothing which were featured in a documentary about the Filipino national hero.

This will be the first time that John brings his fashion show to the United States, and Phoenix Art Museum is the perfect place for it. Walk the red carpet, pose for a photo, have a cocktail and enjoy the entertainment while taking in the beauty that surrounds. Don't miss the action-packed Arizona-themed show opener.


Ablaza is an “eco-fashion” designer specializing in fabricating garments using sustainable, local materials like seeds and coconut shells. While working with The Mangyan Tribe of The Philippines in conjunction with The Ayala Foundation, together they come up with new ideas to use native materials in Ablaza's designs while the Mangyans build a better future for their families. With his passion for horticulture, the planet and people, he aims to provide a new perspective on the future of fashion. He is truly a unique designer bringing fashion and culture together to create haute couture. 

When asked what inspires him he says, “The environment and the people—the things that I see around me everyday–when I get to work with the [Mangyan] Tribe. They really inspire me [when] they come up with something really great. It [inspires me] to create more exciting designs that will connect with them in such a way, that I could create jobs for them. So when I design, I make sure that I incorporate techniques & designs [so they can use them] to give work to these people.” Ansari, H. (2013, July 19). Dissecting Design with John Ablaza From Manila, The Philippines. Retrieved from Ramp 1885.